This just in:

Huzzah! Test cricket is back!

This morning I checked my usual sources to see if Bangladesh’s tour of Zimbabwe was going to be broadcast online (legally) here in the states, and came up empty handed.

I know ESPN3 owns the US rights to Bangladesh’s home matches, but not Zimbabwe’s – so I just assumed we were out of luck.

Tonight I checked Willow.TV’s site again, and I’ll be damned: there it was: two Tests, three ODIs, and two T20Is: all live on Willow in the USA.

The full schedule is here.

And the World Cricket Internet Schedule for U.S. Viewers has been updated accordingly.

The golden age continues.

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4 Responses to #zimvbang

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  2. I appreciate the dedication to cricket. Me, I’m sat listening to Petersen and Kieswetter bat in the County Championship on my day off, knowing that I could go outside but also that there’s nothing out there for me…

  3. Matt says:

    Ha. I am watching the Test on mute and listening to the same match you are.

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