Jesse Ryder

There is a real pall over my day today, and a real pall over the day of cricket fans the world over.

Even though the vast majority of us do not Jesse Ryder personally, the news of his assault and its resulting injuries was still like a punch to the gut.

Here’s a post I wrote when Tom Maynard was killed last year that explains how I feel.

Here’s hoping Jesse pulls through, gets better, and gets back out on the cricket pitch.

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2 Responses to Jesse Ryder

  1. Kept waking at various points in the night to check Twitter to see if his condition worsened. Was quite relieved in a see that it hasn’t, but of course its still very critical.

  2. Some much better news about Jesse Ryder has just come through here in New Zealand: he’s out of his induced coma and talking with family and friends, while meanwhile, police have arrested two men for the assault on him:

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